The Dark Being

“Go to hell” he screams spilling a portion of his dark rum lining a spirit glass falling from his hand. “You don’t know anything” he tries to make me believe.

He feels like a powerful magnet pulling me in, but he does not know that I am stronger than him.

A kitten he picks up and throws, my fur ball lying on there on the floor.

He pushes me into his bedroom and deadbolts the door. My dear friend I ring to come and get me, to save me from his rage. His drinking was bad again today, that’s all I have to say.

My friend meets me at the window and I leap for him to save me from what would hopefully be the last time I see the beasts face.

I move house and change jobs, but I don’t feel safe anymore.

Now….later in life, I have grown even stronger day by day. And now I am happy with the love of my life, here I want to stay.

The beast did not beat me! Does he still exists? I don’t care.

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