My first blog

For the love of food.

Why do I love food? And why do I want to write about it?

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, “I’m not going to eat today, I want to know what it feels like to not eat?” I have. But I failed, if I hadn’t failed I would no longer be here, we need food to survive.

I was under the impression that eating was just a must do to be here. You get fed as a child and then it just remains a habit. But… When you don’t eat, something happens, you become empty inside, your stomach is empty, your emotions are flat, your nerves are on edge, your mind is racing, you feel sick.

Once you forget you let this experiment take place and just have even one piece of life saving food, what ever it may be…you begin to feel different, you feel happy, you feel whole, you feel appreciative, you feel calm, you feel…well fed!

I have had my moments in life where food has been what fed my emotions, you know how it goes… ‘Oh I am feeling so gloomy and so sorry for myself, I know, I deserve a piece of cake or that last biscuit in the packet.

Why do we lean to certain foods at certain times? Are there really foods that make us feel different? Or are we only experiencing a craving but making it so much more?

So when you ask me why food, well why not? Food after all is what we use to feed ourselves and who we are, not just because our stomach needs something in it. I think there is so much more to food and the food we each choose, and if we all stopped and took in the feelings we got from certain foods during or after we ate them, I think our eating habits would be so different.

Regardless of whether we like the hot sensation in our mouths during a hot curry, or the tingle of pleasure after enjoying a Tim tam, the ice cold feeling on our teeth after you bite into that cold juicy Apple from the fridge… We don’t just feed our stomachs we feed ourselves.

I fed my 5 month old solids for the first time last month, and she processed 4 didn’t facial expressions. First she screwed up her face like she was going to cry. Second she pushed it out with her tongue. Third she licked her lip. Fourth she smiled. Watching her process this simple task was just amazing. The second spoonful she accepted, her eyes lit up and she hasn’t refused food once. Food has a huge place in life, without it we wouldn’t be. And that is why I love food and why I want to write about it.

For my writing experience, I am going to start a food journal. I am going to write down everything I eat, how it looked, how it made me feel before I ate it, during eating it, and after I ate it. I am going to commit myself to this 100% so I can better understand and communicate with food, and to how I can maybe help others with their food relationships as well as mine. I am going to try to feed my stomach and not so much my emotions.

I live in a small town where we don’t have anywhere near as much to do as main centres but it is slowly developing into a booming town. When something new opens here, everyone goes crazy! We have a new Thai restaurant called ‘Charming Thai’ and the staff are just that…charming.
The first night we went to see what this new restaurant could bring to us, I sat and looked through the menu and discovered that Thai was definitely new to me, but there was a dish titled ‘Charming Chicken’ and to me, the word Charming stuck out once again, so I ordered it.

The food came out in such speed, it seemed like they already knew what I wanted, they were just waiting for me to be ready.

The lovely young lady placed an elegant, white, square plate in front of me and from what I saw I was just amazed!

There was an alluring stack of crunchy, deep fried chicken pieces with virtually no sign of any oil on the plate whatsoever, an impeccable portion of steamed Broccoli and Carrots (my favourite), a pleasant, crisp pile of coleslaw which had a rather interesting looking shaved carrot in the shape of what seemed a flower and a mini teapot of the most divine sweet chilli sauce I have ever tasted.

It felt like it had been so long since I had been served such an exquisite dish, and that’s because it had been. I felt so full but so satisfied after eating that meal, and every time I have been back since it has been just as satisfying with every dish I have chosen.

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  1. Some definite food for thought in this post! As you know I’ve had a bad relationship with food for most of my life. If I saw food, I ate it, and while I enjoyed it I never really gave it a lot of thought. I have it under control now but I really like your idea about the journal and how it makes you feel, in so many cultures food is a celebration as well as a necessity and I think we could all learn something from this.

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