The Gift of Life

I use to be someone who wanted to live my life for myself, I didn’t want to have children and I was not worried if I didn’t settle down with anyone either.

The older I got, and the more my friends had families of their own I understood why people did it, they were so happy.

I come from a broken family, my parents are divorced, my sister is divorced, my Aunties and Uncles are divorced, there are family members I either have never met or only knew about and met in my mid twenties.

So as a broken family was all I knew, I thought well what’s the point, why would i want someone else to go through this heartache and confusion.

But, something happened, I got to an age where I couldn’t stop thinking about a family, I wanted to be the different one in my family, I wanted to show them that I could do it even though they couldn’t.

And when I met my now fiancé Richard, whose family is the complete opposite…a tight unit, I knew this would be just what I needed..a family man.

After being together for a while we decided to have our own bundle of joy, so we set out on our mission which believe it or not only took two months. Our beautiful Daughter Danielle was born Christmas Day 2015, which was her due date and she was perfect.

I never thought I would feel so strongly for another human being ever in my life, I always wondered about how new mothers explained it wondering if it was true, but it is, you fall in love instantly. Everything becomes worth it.

Everyday I look at her I feel like I have won, I have achieved my ultimate goal in life. I will continue to hold my promise to Danielle and to myself and most of all Richard, as now we are a family, and family are meant to stay together.

I am now complete.

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