Advice from a parent

When I found out I was pregnant, and had time to let it settle in of course, I started to think of all the ways I could be a good Mum, a great Mum even. And I started writing a diary. I had no idea whether we were having a boy or a girl or whether they were going to read it, but I was writing it.

On reading it the other day well what I had written so far I had to have a wee giggle at the page I am going to share to everyone to what I thought and actually still think are the 15 most important things haha

So, on the 17th page, which was probably written middle of last year some time I write the below ’15 most important things

  1. You can always rely on family
  2. Don’t do anything stupid
  3. Get a form of education
  4. You are beautiful
  5. It’s nice to be beautiful, but it’s beautiful to be nice
  6. Love yourself
  7. Your say is most important
  8. Don’t use words like ‘gay’ or ‘retarded’ to say something negative
  9. Don’t be ‘cheap’ and don’t date someone who is ‘cheap’
  10. Don’t settle for less than you deserve
  11. Read, draw, paint or play music
  12. Find someone who makes you happy
  13. The universe will provide
  14. Travel! Travel! Travel!
  15. All vehicles are dangerous

We will see what Danielle thinks of these when she is older and gets around to reading her diary from Mum xo

3 thoughts on “Advice from a parent”

  1. They are very wise words for your daughter.
    You could get it made into a canvas for her… An inspirational piece of art to hang on her wall.

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