The body battle

I can remember looking back on High School photos and I was always in these big hoodies or jackets that were a size or two too big.

Looking back then I should have been showing off my body as there was nothing wrong with me. And of course I mean showing off as in wearing clothes that fit.

After High School I moved to Christchurch there, the fun started. I was drinking, smoking and eating anything I wanted because I wasn’t at home anymore and I got to buy what I wanted.

Which of course was junk!

I slowly started to gain weight and then all of a sudden (well not really but it felt like it) I was overweight. I had topped 81kgs in a few years time.

Then of course I did need to hide behind my clothes, which I did. I never cared for diets I never liked the gym, food and alcohol were my friend.

I lost some weight, I gained some weight, I lost some weight, I gained some weight, it was a never ending battle.

Then I got pregnant! And my goodness I started to worry, I was already 71.4kgs (overweight) and I did not want to have an unhealthy pregnancy or baby.

I obviously stopped drinking anything that was bad for me and also cut out a lot of rubbish food and did not know that during pregnancy I was loosing weight but gaining a belly at the same time.

At full term I was 77.2kgs, and had a very healthy 7.1lb baby girl. With breastfeeding her the weight started to fall off and I realised I was a lot smaller than before I had even had her.

But I am healthy and that’s the most important. I am now 5 months post pregnancy and 61kg which is the lightest i have been in years. And I am so proud of myself.

It will stay off this time, and unlike a lot of people I can say that having a child is how I lost weight.Bizzare isn’t it 🙂 just goes to show that we are all different and our bodies are all different.

You can achieve anything you put your mind too.

Happy. Healthy. Free.

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