My business wish

I always wanted to work for myself, I never knew how I would do it but I wanted it! When I was in High School I decided I wanted to be a Restaurant owner. I had made a menu, a name (The Lonely Chicken) hehehe it’s funny now but it seemed good back then, I had drawn out the layout, worked out how many staff I would need and completed a Hospitality course.

After all of that I was at an age where I realised how long it would take and how much money it would take to complete my dream, it slowly disappeared year by year and now I am in insurance a complete new industry…Bizzare how things happen.

I now have a small business on the side called Gifts, Candles & More and it has been running for just over a year now, this one doesn’t require anywhere near the time or money to manage but my goodness it is just as hard, and in still building it up.

Everything came together and everything ran smoothly starting out but then I hit a wall, I couldnt work out how to promote my website or my business name so that a larger audience could find me and the products I am selling. What an adventure it has been so far though, it has been fun! 😀

I even rang a couple of different Marketing companies and they said I would be looking at $10-$15,000 for the year in Marketing costs to get their help, but gosh I just couldn’t afford to do that. I know you have to spend money to make money but that to me just seemed like such a lot.

I don’t plan to give up on my business, and it will one day work for me but it will take time, and I am well prepared for that.

As soon as you have found something that you really want to do, you will do nearly anything to get it to work, but you need to take your time and work out a business plan before you start, I wish I had done that before I rushed into things.

I wil carry on but at the same time I will remain business smart and cautious.

Watch this space 😊

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