In the past one of the most important things to me was acceptance, I wanted people to accept me for me, but who doesn’t?

I have doubted myself so much during life to the point where I know I’m my own worst enemy.

I applied for a job recently, and it is one that I doubt I will get, I’m still waiting to hear back and I am not even nervous.

During the interview I wasn’t nervous I just wanted to do it for myself to stop the what ifs occurring later.

I realised though afterwards that it didn’t even matter if I am not accepted for it because I am accepted in so many other ways.

Becoming a Mother for me has changed my life, and for the best I must add, for some reason, the only person I now hope to have acceptance from, now and forever is my Daughter Danielle.

I hope I will always be good enough for her. I know deep down I need to accept myself. Easier said than done though right?

I shall wait and see what my future has to offer, patience is key.

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