Mission Impossible?

Before I became pregnant, I thought to myself, ‘having a baby would just be fun, why do people talk so negatively about it? Why do people say parenting is hard? Surely it’s not!’

And then it was my turn! I had a really good pregnancy but still found it hard. The morning sickness was minimal, but the heart burn was horrendous, nothing worked.

Then when I had hit 32 weeks, I was scared to leave the house, not because of the ‘what if I go into labor while I’m out’, but because of the ‘every time I want to go out Danielle would take action on my bladder.’ So she won, I stayed home as much as I could.

After she was born my life had most certainly changed, more than I had anticipated. I was extremely tired all of the time, I had no time to read, if I did I was to tired, there was no time for movies, online shopping, making food that took time which I loved doing, it was ‘make a sandwich as fast as you can’, it was a mission.

Then there is the dreaded housework…you think to yourself ‘Ok, the other half is at work making the money, so I have to get this housework done so the house is tidy when he gets home’ haha what a joke! I can’t believe I thought I would still get so much done.

I planned all these fun things to make and sell while I was on parental leave and I got out a book and bookmark to start reading which has now been neglected on the coffee table for weeks now!

Last night was the first time in 5 months that we were able to watch a movie in its entirety, no distractions, and what an achievement, yes a silly one but it made me pretty happy. 😀

Now though, I can’t even remember what the extreme tiredness felt like, I can’t remember the taste of the simple sandwich I had made just so I knew I had eaten, I can’t remember the feeling of relief once I finally got a well deserved shower.

What I do remember and will always remember is that it was all worth it. 😊 Times are changing, Danielle is growing and everything is getting easier.

I love my life. 

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