To delete or to not delete

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful feeling,…that was when I got a letter, whether it was in an envelope or folded in a special way that it ended up like a tiny square.

We sent photos by mail, we put photos in a photo album, where you had days you would pull them out and look through them remembering the past and enjoying what life you have had so far, whilst flicking the pages gently so no photo fell out.

You met people for drinks or lunch, you called them on the telephone to have a gossip session or even just have a text conversation. You even recieved invitations by post or hand!

Now it’s tagging, invitations via notification, photos on an insecure electronic device, basic one sentence answers, negativity on screen because you don’t have to actually confront anyone, emotions because someone removed you as a friend, computer hackers and the list goes on.

I thought to myself, hmmmm if I go ahead and take myself off this site, (Facebook) will I get any letters? Probably not. Will I go and meet friends for coffee or lunches? Maybe one day! Will I have an hour long gossip session with certain friends and family? Probably not!

But it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Why do I say risk? Well let me tell you…it’s a risk because it means I’m removing myself from the world, that is now the way communication has gone. It is sad as I miss the way things were before social media took over reality, reality is now social media.

But I still decided to remove myself from the negativity of social media. Will I ever have a pen pal again? We will see, I hope one day I get a letter that I can read and feel so happy while writing a reply, as writing is what makes my life feel most connected.

Now I can be free and connect with life.

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