The M Word

Throughout life So far I have struggled to do things for myself. I have never been selfish, always put everyone else first.

And then along came my little Angel, my Christmas Day baby girl, her name is Danielle. My waters broke around 11:45pm on the 23rd December 2015, and I was given until 4:00pm the next day to crank labor into gear otherwise I would have to travel to birth in a different city to where I live.

I walked around, I kept hydrated, I bounced on my Swiss ball, I went up and down our stairs….but nothing! So here I was making sure I had everything I needed and headed off on what seemed to be a drive that would never end.

They checked me and my unborn baby (we weren’t going to find out the sex until delivery) and they ended up inducing me at around 8:00pm then my partner and I waited, talked, napped and waited some more.

Then at 3:20am on Christmas Day everything kicked into gear, I started having contractions but nothing really moved along fast enough. They ended up putting me on a hormone drip and later I was offered the gas.

Hours later I was absolutely buggered, I felt like I was blacking out, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I couldn’t talk, I was exhausted. So they went ahead and gave me an epidural. I was so exhausted, I was having contractions while they were applying the epidural and I hadn’t even moved! I couldn’t!

At 4:20pm after being threatened with forceps something flicked within me and I just began to push with energy I didn’t even know I had and delivered our beautiful baby girl. A happy, healthy, 7.1 pound 55cm baby. She had decided to come right on her due date.

I stayed in hospital overnight with her by myself and still managed to somehow stay awake the whole night except around an hour and a half, I just watched her, held her, I was so proud. I was a Mother and she was my missing piece to myself, I finally had my own child.

I have loved Motherhood so far, she is growing so fast and she is so smart and so bright. Even on my worse day her smile turns my frown upside down.

I would trade in Motherhood for anything and I will always be proud of the huge amount of energy and mind power I used to get her here.

She is the love of my life! My miracle!

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