Execrate, what a great word!

“Watch your mouth!” “You watch yours!”

Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is telling porkies? Who is being honest? Who is sane? Who is insane? Who do you trust? Who do you not trust?

What’s the deal? Why is being genuine so hard? Why can’t we just live to love and love to live happily, be polite and be truthful to yourself and to others?

I execrate people who feed off hurting others, I execrate people who think it’s ok to spread the word, what word? ALL OF THE FALSE & HURTFUL ONES!

Why can’t people say what is, and say what isn’t? Why do people fold and hide away from their flaws instead of own up to them? How can people live with themselves when they know they have done wrong and won’t do right, given every chance under the sun?

I execrate the fact that ‘lies’ exists! I execrate the fact that sometimes in life you become so caught up in the crap that you think “What is actually the point?”

I execrate writing this, but then I also feel the need to at the same time. I will not carry my anger on a sling on my shoulders, I will no longer be a target, I will stay strong and I will live to make my future what I want it to be, I will not exist to live someone elses.

Will the negativity stop? Of course not. Will I have trouble with people in the future? Absolutely. Will I become frustrated myself? 100%. Will I allow someone to beat me down mentally and emotionally? Never again!

Have I asked to many questions? Absolutely. 😀

Will they be answered? Probably not. 😔

Why use the word execrate? Because it feels better.  💗

2 thoughts on “Execrate, what a great word!”

  1. Life can be and is convoluted people lie to protect them selves and or make them selves feel better about them selves but it does not make them better . People read between the lines more than you may think , just be Tru to your self and your friends and family ,like you always have everything will be fine. Patience really is a virtue . Never give up and don’t bow down to pressure from ignorant people

    1. I absolutely agree, it is just a shame that people can get hurt in the mean time, and for what gain does any of it really have? Do those people really feel better about themselves in the end? Most probably not. Sad.

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