A new life goal?

When I was attending Kindergarten, I most probably wanted to be working in a Vet.

When I was attending intermediate, I wanted to be a Chef.

When I was attending High School I wanted to either be working with wood projects or teaching young Children.

When I left school I started working at The Warehouse and then moved to study Hospitality, this is where I stayed working for many years.

After figuring out that Hospitality wasn’t quite for me because it absolutely ruined my social life which I loved to much, I took a complete career change and began working in Insurance, which is where I have now worked for 8 years.

But a funny thing has happened…I have had my one and only child and after teaching her (she is only 9 months old) the career path I was considering in High School has made a come back.

If only I had continued on back then and started my study in Early Childhood….that would have helped me today! Now where do I begin.

Everything will piece itself together eventually. I will work hard to get what I want as I always have. Determination is key.

Watch this space!

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